Did you know that about 80% of Americans own smartphones? With that in mind, while your party guests will likely take photos on their phones, what’s the fun in that?! People love taking photos, especially at events, so why not incorporate a photo booth rental!

Events will always be made more entertaining with the presence of fun, exciting experiences. If you have an upcoming event in Nashville, there are a lot of benefits to renting out a photo booth for your guests to enjoy. If you’ve been searching for a unique addition to take your event to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. To learn more about photo booth rentals with FADDS Events, read on.

Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Keep Guests Engaged
  • Photo Souvenirs
  • Fun Photo Props
  • Avoid Set up with Rentals
  • Photo Booths Don’t Take up too Much Space

Keep Guests Engaged

From corporate events, birthday parties, weddings and more, you’re going to want to keep your guests entertained. Rather than host a typical event where guests don’t seem to know how to occupy their time, why not incorporate a classic photo booth rental!

When it comes to your party, you’re going to want your guests to mingle with other people and enjoy themselves with the party favors provided. With a photo booth rental, guests can break the ice, inspire connection and take some photos that will last a lifetime. A photo booth can be a great place to build rapport with some guests while they’re engaged and having fun.

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Photo Souvenirs

As almost every photo booth’s design is meant to leave guests with their own photo souvenirs, your booth rental can be just that for your party guests! Decorate your photo booth rental with party themes unique to your event. From nuptial graphics or party theme messages, your photo booth rental can provide guests with a unique, timeless experience that they can even take home with them. Connect with your guests and ensure your party is the talk of town, all night long and beyond.

Fun Photo Props

From silly fake glasses, comical chat bubbles, funny hats, custom photo editing options, backgrounds and more, a photo booth rental can be made that much better with the help of some quirky photo props. Let your guests’ imagination run wild with endless, custom prop options. While social media and other apps can edit photos on your guests’ phones, nothing beats real and tangible props for guests to play with, enjoy, and let loose. Elevate your event with a photo booth rental that speaks to your atmosphere.

Avoid Set up with Rentals

When you hire a vendor for photo booths, their team of professionals will usually handle everything involved with setting up. From photo booth operations, maintenance, and crowd control in the booth, you can avoid set up and management with photo booth rentals while you enjoy your party!

Keep your guests busy and engaged, while you all have a good time together. Photo booth rental set up is one of the most time consuming processes. When you work with a Nashville Photo Booth Rental company such as FADDS Events, you and your party crew won’t have to worry about getting everything under control.

Photo Booths Don’t Take up too Much Space

A photo booth is just a booth, as its name suggests. Your entire party layout won’t need to be changed, since this portion of your party experience won’t take up much space. And, if you’re hosting an event outdoors, all you’ll need to do is make sure it has an electrical connection, shade from the heat or rain, and potential internet access. In addition, you’ll want to coordinate with your rental technician to set up your booth off to the side so that the crowd won’t block major pathways to food, other equipment, or more party festivities. A Nashville photo booth rental can be the perfect addition to your unique event, keeping guests entertained all night long.

Event Planning with FADDS Events

Entertainment is important in any event as the atmosphere sets the mood and feel of the entire night. Our team at FADDS events will be on hand during your event to ensure that everything goes well. Let our design team transform your space. Whether it’s a tent, venue, pavilion, barn, or yard — our professional setup crew will be on-site to ensure everything looks perfect for your event.

Event planning doesn’t need to be restricted to the activities and considerations you’ve seen in the past. Try something new and have fun as you put together your next event. Your guests will thank you.

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