It is always fun and exciting to work photo booths. We have ventured through photo booths with photo strips, green screens, social media sharing, on-site printing, and more!

We are proud to announce that we now have, what we feel, is our most sophisticated, compact, versatile, and easy to use booth: The Social Booth.

Here is what we love about the new photo booth.

1. There is a customizable list of booth options. Guests can choose to use a photo, video, or boomerang!

If you have an Instagram, you have seen these. Boomerangs basically take multiple pictures within one second and piece them together for a short video. The video is then played back and forth. It can be silly or serious.

Guests can throw their props in the air, give a little shimmy, have a group hug, or at a wedding, the bride and groom can share their last kiss of the night.

The ideas are endless with a boomerang. We encourage everyone to show their creative and fun side. It is a great way to start the night with interaction and laughter.

2. It is compact but versatile.

Who doesn’t love a compact photo booth? It is a great way to conserve space in those smaller venues, but it also shows a more sophisticated and sleek design for larger, corporate events or proms.

The new booth can come on a single tripod or with a small table for printing services. Either way, we can promise that your event will look and feel modern and trendy with this new technology.

3. Advertise your brand on every picture shared socially or physically.

We often have companies sponsor the booth at an event, meaning they pay for the booth to be used through the night for a larger company. In these cases, we offer the opportunity for you and your company to place your logo on the images itself.

The Social Booth will encourage people to share on social media, so your brand will reach new audiences and showcase all that you would like.

The main page before photos are taken is also completely customizable. It can be used for advertisement or to match the look and feel of the event.

I think it is clear just how customizable and versatile this booth can be for any event you might be planning. The only thing you have left to do is call. What are you waiting for? 615-444-6835