It almost doesn’t matter what the occasion for a party is — it’s going to be fun. Music, food, drinks, and people you know and love can make an evening very special. However, even though a party is sure to be better than a day at work, there are certain considerations that can be taken to make a good night into a great night.

One such aspect you can provide for your fellow Nashville, TN party-goers is a photo booth rental. We’ve all seen them in various locations, but maybe you are curious how they can spice up your next party.

Here’s how a photo booth rental can take your party to the next level.

  • Solidify Memories
  • Loosens People Up
  • It Operates on Its Own
  • Perfect for All Ages
  • Great for Sharing to Social Media
  • Everyone Likes Taking Pictures
  • Options to Fit Your Needs
  • It’s Fun!

Solidify Memories

Parties and events generally involve a lot of moving around, a lot of conversations, and a lot of stimuli. This can lead people to be so focused on socializing that they forget to take any pictures. A photo booth rental is a great way to combine these two aspects of attending an event — participating in the fun while also taking pictures. These mementos are a great way to look back on your special night in the future.

Loosens People Up

FADDS Events provides a variety of party props along with our photo booth rentals in Nashville, TN. This gives you and your guests a chance to get a little creative with your pictures. It’s always great to put on a big smile and wait for the flash, but extra layers help people loosen up a bit, get a little silly, and have a great time. See a different side of your guests and give them a chance to let loose!

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It Operates on Its Own

A bar requires bartenders. A stereo needs a DJ. But a photobooth just needs the basic setup and it’s good to go on its own. You don’t need to take any time to find an attendant or put in any work of your own. The interface is self-explanatory and anybody can walk up and operate it all by themselves. This hands-off party accessory gives all night long without asking for anything in return.

Perfect for All Ages

It can be difficult to find activities that will please all the guests of your event. Things that adults enjoy might not interest younger attendees. And likewise, activities directed toward kids might not be interesting to older guests. A photo booth rental, however, is one of the few activities that interests guests of all ages. The capabilities and sensibilities of a photo booth can be tailored to please everyone in attendance.

Great for Sharing to Social Media

Social media is a great way for people at your party to share how much fun they are having with other people. One of the best things about a photo booth rental in Nashville, TN from FADDS Events is how interactive the experience can be. You can choose between taking an immediate print of your pictures or downloading a digital copy directly to your phone. Then share the fun images on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter right away!

Everyone Likes Taking Pictures

Even the people that say they don’t like getting their picture taken actually like to have their picture taken. And everybody else will want to hop in the photo booth as well. The experience is a great way to get unique images with your favorite people to remember a special evening. Games run the risk of excluding certain guests, but everyone can get their picture taken. And everyone enjoys it.

Options to Fit Your Needs

FADDS Events offers various options to get the photo booth rental that’s perfect for your Nashville, TN party.

The Social Booth is a user-friendly option that doesn’t take up a lot of room if your space is limited. It gives your guests the option to print their pictures right away, or to take a digital copy in their email, Airdrop, or even directly to their social media account. Of course, still images are an option. But the choices go even further to include boomerangs, gifs, and videos.

The Green Screen Photo Booth allows you to personalize your experience even more. The green screen background allows you to choose from any of our available backgrounds. You can even provide your own customized background to give your guests a truly unique experience! Unlimited 4×6 prints are available for your memorable photos.

It’s Fun!

The overarching reason that a photo booth rental will take your Nashville, TN party to the next level is that it’s fun! These options are great for all occasions — birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, work events, and so on. Visit FADDS Events in Nashville, TN to learn more about our options and to start a conversation if you want specialized services.

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