Your company wants to start the new year off with a bang. Why not plan a company-wide internal event to get people excited for the goals of the coming year? Or, consider hosting awards or recognition event to highlight the successes of the previous year.

You’ve been chosen! (or perhaps volun-told) As the lead organizer of your company’s event,  where should you start?

Who is invited?

Speak with management to ensure you know the guestlist for the event. All internal staff? Remote workers? Board members? Other special guests?

Define the goals of the event

Depending on when you want to host the event, it could be important to highlight successes of the previous year, discuss goals for the new year, recognize specific employees and/or completed projects, build camaraderie and culture amongst the staff, make the staff feel valued and appreciated, and so much more. Set clear goals to ensure you are delivering the best possible event for your company.

Make a budget

This is a big one. Make sure you are clear on the provided budget for the event from your management team. Get quotes from different venues and vendors to find the best pricing and quality products that you will need

Organize your event checklist

  • Choose the event space/venue
  • Catering – will it be a full meal or just drinks and appetizers?
  • Decide on a theme (Perhaps a casino party? We’re great at those!)
  • Look and feel – decor, lighting, draping, table decor, etc.
  • Sound/DJ/MC for the event – set specific guidelines for appropriate music and talking points related to your company. Have a plan for all audiovisual needs.
  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Games or other activities included in the event
  • Photo booth – a must-have at events these days. Photo booths are great for capturing memories and sharing with social media. Plus, photo booth print outs are a great takeaway for the employees

We’ve helped companies host Awards Banquets, Recognition Dinners, Holiday parties, picnics, team building activities, and more. Perhaps you just want to hire an event planner to take care of all the details for your corporate event. We can do that, too! Contact us today at 615-444-6835 with your questions.

Let’s get this party planning started!