To prom planners on a rouge mission, leading a prom committee, or a student who wants to be involved. Here are our predictions for the most popular prom themes of 2019!

Time to get creative!

2000s Throwback

The class of 2019 was born in 2000/2001. Celebrate the start of a century with a throwback to their birth year! Set the stage with pop culture icons like Brittany Spears, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera. This is a great way to have students reflect on their childhood and what their generation has looked up to. Take a walk through the nearly two decades they have lived through.

TIP: Include a video booth for students to share their most iconic 2000’s childhood memories.

80’s Dinner

It is true. The ’80s have finally made a strong comeback in today’s culture. I know many of us have been waiting for the day! Television shows like Riverdale and Stranger Things have created a new culture and style for the modern teenager.

TIP: Complete the look with a black and white checkered dance floor and gobo lighting to set the tone.

Monochromatic Mystery

Students have seen this look repeated through parties thrown by their favorite celebrities.  A modern, monochrome, minimalist look can bost wow the crowd and be cost-effective. Take a look at this example from the Kardashian’s Christmas Party! The theme was Horton Hears a Who, but the idea behind a monochromatic theme is evidence of the elegance within any theme.

There can be a lot of fun within a monochromatic theme. It can be a fresh take on any theme (1920s, A Night to Remember, Decades, Hollywood, Stars, and even Masquerade)!


This is our favorite idea (and we aren’t too bias)! Students can expect a night in Vegas. Tables, slot machines, prizes! Our casino is full service and promises a fully immersive casino night.

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