Did you know that 35-40% of events don’t even have one small speaker? With hundreds of corporate events occurring each year, you’ll want to ensure your corporate event is different from the rest. Professional events can include anything from employee appreciation parties, team-building events, holiday parties, and more.

The common requirements for corporate events include catering, tablecloths, and a unique physical space. A variety of ways are available through FADDS Events to make your next corporate event memorable. A few items are important to consider when planning a company event to ensure your guests are entertained.

Here’s how to plan the perfect corporate event rental for your employees:

  • Incorporate DJ Services
  • Photo Booth Add on
  • Opt for a Karaoke Night
  • Incorporate Authentic Casino Games
  • Corporate Event Planning with FADDS Events

Incorporate DJ Services

Getting the most out of your corporate event rental space starts with hiring a DJ. With music, social gatherings can be enhanced greatly, especially those where colleagues are present. With a professional DJ, you’re guaranteed to have a great time all night long. What’s to lose? A DJ at a corporate event will provide more than shuffled songs.

DJ Services can help to encourage everyone to participate and work to maintain a happy atmosphere at your event and in the office. Don’t let your corporate event be perceived as the rest. With professional DJ services, you can make the most of your corporate event space and ensure that your guests enjoy their time.

Photo Booth Add on

Photo booths can also be a great addition to corporate event spaces! Photo booths can be a lot of fun, and if you’ve ever taken some photos in one, you’ll know that people can get silly when given the opportunity. FADDs Events provides a few different options so you can get exactly what you want.

Photo experiences can be perfect for any corporate event to get people enjoying themselves as well as capture precious memories! FADDS Events offers Green Screen Photo Booths for optimum fun and good times. Bring your office employees together for some lasting memories! You can even include your company logo in the background of the photos.

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Opt for a Karaoke Night

Make your corporate event even more memorable with some fun karaoke options! Karaoke is known to soothe the soul and relieve inhibitions. Imagine how well this would work at your corporate event! Sing-along tunes are an excellent way to get office employees to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

FADD Events makes it simple to put on a show. Let your corporate event guests sing along to their favorite songs with a karaoke machine. This kind of event will liven up the atmosphere and make your guests ready to come back for another night of fun.

Incorporate Authentic Casino Games

Corporate events can be made memorable with an authentic casino night. With innovative corporate event planning, you can create an evening to remember. Renting out a complete set of casino games can set the mood for the night.

As with any party or event, FADDS understand that conversation can only go so far. By creating a sense of comradery among your colleagues, you can make your corporate event a success with authentic casino games. FADDs Events has a variety of games for you to choose from.

For a memorable corporate casino night, include games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, or Texas Hold Em. Provide your employees with an experience they can’t get anywhere else in your event rentals!

Corporate Event Planning with FADDS Events

Entertainment is important in any event as the atmosphere sets the mood and feel of the entire night. Our team at FADDS events will be on hand during your event to ensure that everything goes well. Let our design team transform your space. Whether it’s a tent, venue, pavilion, barn, or yard — our professional setup crew will be on-site to ensure everything looks perfect for your event.

Corporate event planning doesn’t need to be restricted to the activities and considerations you’ve seen in the past. Try something new and have fun as you put together your next event. Your guests will thank you.

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