Okay, so Christmas is almost here. That means it is time to start preparing some New Year’s Eve plans. Starting the year right is so important. What better way than to have a Pinterest-perfect NYE party? Here are some do’s and don’ts to do just that!

DO splurge.

Remember, you are celebrating a new year, it’s inevitable new beginnings, and so are your guests. It is important for you and your guests to feel the comfort and luxury of what is New Year’s Eve. If we think about it, the NYE parties we see in movies are romanticized because it is what people want! Extravagance comes from a little splurge here and there. It doesn’t have to be money. It is all in the craft!

DON’T skip the DJ.

Yeah, streaming services like Spotify have allowed for playlists to easily accompany house parties, but if you invest a little more into a DJ, you will have designated a professional to steady the flow of a party.

To many people’s surprise, DJs do more than press play. DJs are there to scope out the feeling of the room and create a fun, comfortable atmosphere. Plus, who really wants to make announcements? Let someone take care of it for you!

And the best part … NO ADS!

DO utilize your local craft store.

Get creative when you decorate! Details are your best friend! Here is a starter pack for your first visit (after your second party, you’ll understand that one trip is never enough).

  • gold paper straws
  • gold floral sprays for centerpieces and Christmas decor leftovers
  • black, gold, and white balloons
  • spice up boring balloons: add glitter letter stickers! The options are endless! streamers and gold fringe backdrops

DON’T be afraid of setting a dress code.

Let people know your expectations. Including a dress code in the invitations is not taking things too far. Say something like “black tie” or “best dress” in the invitation. Give people the feeling that they are at a luxurious New York City NYE party.

And just one more tip for good luck:

DO use a professional for event services.

DIY can only take you so far before it breaks you. Items like lighting, dance floors, photo booths, and more can level up your NYE party in a snap.

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