You want your party to be one your guests talk about for years. Weddings, graduations, birthday parties, and every other reason you can think of to get a group of friends and loved ones together should be the result of great planning and execution.

It’s not a competition, but you want your celebration to be the best of the year. This means you’re going to need to pay attention to every detail. The venue, the music, the catering — all of these considerations are going to have a drastic effect on the success of your party.

However, there are other details that are just as important and might not get the fanfare they deserve: The lighting and decor.

But how do these seemingly secondary considerations affect your party? What benefits do they offer?

Create Ambiance

The general feel of your party depends a lot on the presentation. And you can have the best food and music in the world, but your party isn’t going to feel right if it doesn’t look right. The lighting and decor of your Nashville party is going to have a large effect on the general feel of the night.

Imagine how you feel when you are next to a lamp in your home and when you’re under the bright lights at a baseball game. These are exaggerated examples, but the idea remains the same. One makes you feel calm while the other demands your attention. The lighting at your party can dictate how it feels to be in attendance.

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Further Your Theme

Color schemes and overarching ideas will dictate the theme of your party. The lighting and decor are a great way to convey your theme much more clearly. Are you looking for a lighter engagement? Or perhaps a classy and low-key affair is what you have in mind? Create a unified presentation to your guests by incorporating proper lighting and decor.

The theme of a party doesn’t have to be as overt as a nautical theme where everyone dresses like a sailor. Your theme can simply be an emotion that you hope to convey, and your lighting and decor will help bring your vision to life.

Increase Engagement

The worst thing that can happen at a party is for the guests to grow bored. You want to have a variety of things that will hold their attention and keep them interested. Great decor will create an initial level of engagement as they explore the presentations. This initial engagement can be enhanced with the music and food, but drawing them in is important.

You’re going to run out of new offerings as the night goes on. Lighting can continue to create engagement as the party progresses. Changes in lighting near the DJ booth amplifies song changes and creates excitement.

Make It Unique

You don’t want your party to be like everyone else’s. What’s the point in recreating something that already happened? The venue for your wedding, for instance, will most likely have held a large amount of weddings in the past.

Lighting and decor provide a great opportunity to change a space that others have used into something that hasn’t existed before. This is your chance to use some creativity and enjoy yourself. Put together a display that represents yourself as best as you can. Nobody has a sensibility like you, and this is a great way to create a unique experience.

Be Memorable

And if you succeed in creating a unique experience, you will also succeed in making a memorable evening. Your wedding is going to be special to you for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were special to everyone who attended the event as well? Providing a well-detailed party creates an experience your guests won’t forget.

Specific lighting and decor combined with a great event will be solidified in the minds of your guests. Cover every detail. Don’t leave anything out. Not only will you look back on your event without any regrets, your guests will thank you for a special evening for years.

Change the Tone

Great parties are able to continually keep the night fresh. The lighting display is a great way to bring up the energy and then mellow it out. Think of a great mix of songs — it’s nice to have a mix of fast and slow songs to give you a break and add some variety to the evening.

This can also be accomplished with intentional lighting and decor. FADDS Events has everything you need for great lighting and decor at your next party in the Nashville, TN area.

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