2020 is coming to an end. This year has seen a lot of changes in the way we celebrate special days and get together with friends and family. Large-scale, indoor gatherings are becoming more difficult to put together. This has led many to host smaller, more personal gatherings in their backyards or homes.

And while these celebrations might not have the large-scale mechanisms we’re accustomed to for birthday parties, graduation parties, and holidays, that doesn’t mean they have to be bland.

FADDS Events offers a series of creative project services that can add an extra flair to even the most seemingly basic gathering.

But how can these personalized details make even the smallest gatherings special? What considerations can be taken to give our homes a personalized touch?


Custom Games Create Singular Experiences

There’s nothing like getting everyone together and relieving some stress with a game in the backyard. It gives you something to talk about and a direction to cast your efforts. Not only is it generally fun, it creates a sense of togetherness with the other players.

Corn hole is one of the most well-known yard games these days. It’s fun. It doesn’t take much physical effort. And anybody can play.

So how do you customize a game like corn hole?

The boards in which you throw the bags have a long, flat surface that is perfect for customized images and text. Your friends and family will love the game even more every time they look at a board.


A Perfect Fit Makes a Cozier Home

Customization doesn’t only need to be for games. The furniture inside your home should work together to create a larger feel to everyone who walks in the door. And furniture that doesn’t quite fit makes the room a little less comfortable.

Cabinets and cupboards that work together and serve a specific purpose will make the space much more intuitive. This is important when having guests over to your house. They’ll be able to find the items they need without any guessing or wrong turns.

Customized furniture provides benefits to your home all day, even when all the guests have gone.

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Signage Isn’t Just for Commercial Areas

Large, specialized signage is a common sight in commercial spaces such as venue halls and grocery stores. These signs help to create a mood while also imparting information guests need to find the areas they are looking for.

These custom signs are available for your next get-together at home as well. A personalized happy birthday sign, for instance, creates a celebratory mood that people might not expect when entering your home.

But just because we can’t gather in public doesn’t mean we can’t create an event that people will talk about the next day. Considerations like custom signs are a way to give your guests an unexpectedly great experience.


Create a Professional Atmosphere on a Personal Scale

Many people are missing the larger parties and celebrations that simply aren’t possible right now. There’s a level of pageantry and prestige that comes with heading out to a ballroom or restaurant for a night of revelry with family and friends.

This feeling doesn’t have to be on-hold, however. We can create these types of evenings on a smaller scale, in the comfort and safety of our own homes.

Custom furniture, signs, and games can make a backyard celebration feel like a professionally-hosted event. A little creativity and help from the experts at FADDS Events can get you there.


Memories Are Made in Special Circumstances

The general goal of a celebration is to create lasting memories with the people that matter most to you. And while we can’t host a party that we might otherwise have thrown in previous years, we can still put together an evening that will create memories that can last a lifetime.

The trick is to make the most with what you have. And adding custom furniture and other considerations helps raise the bar. These additions to a pleasant evening can make all the difference when people look back through their pictures a year later.


Get Exactly What You Want, Despite the Times

We’ve grown accustomed to settling for things that aren’t as great as they might be at any other time. And while we might not be able to utilize our ideal venue, there’s nothing that says we can’t make a perfect venue of our own.

A little planning, creativity, and help from the experts at FADDS Events can result in a spectacular evening — better than your guests or even you might have imagined.

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