What’s the point in putting on an event if it’s not special? This is why we put so much work into the details — no matter how small — to ensure everything goes smoothly.

But with this long list of details comes the potential for simply becoming overwhelmed and leaving something off. A checklist can help make sure this doesn’t happen. And you should put a lighting rental right at the top of that list.

A lighting rental is a simple yet effective way to make your next Nashville event an even bigger success. But how can it help? What will a lighting rental do to make your next event a shining memory in the minds of your guests?

Here’s how a lighting rental can make your next Nashville event even better:

  • Highlights What You Want
  • Works Alongside Decor
  • Curates a Mood
  • Works With the Music
  • Access to Professional Equipment
  • Creates Engagement
  • Breaks up the Night
  • Makes It Unique

Highlights What You Want

Lighting is a great way to direct the attention of everybody in the room. This can be done for a variety of reasons — someone is giving a speech, the bride and groom are dancing, the guest of honor is making an entrance, and so on.

A lighting rental is an easy way to direct the course of the evening to present a unified experience for all of your guests.

Works Alongside Decor

All the visual elements of your event are going to work together to create a larger presentation. Is everything going to work together well, or are the various elements going to clash with each other?

Your lighting display can be arranged to contribute to the overall effect of your decor. Color, style, arrangement — all of it can be tailored to the mood and theme of your event.

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Curates a Mood

And just how the decor of your party is going to contribute to the tone of the evening, your lighting is an even better way to create a particular atmosphere.

Picture a dance floor with bright, white fluorescent lighting pouring down from the ceiling. And now picture another dance floor with colorful beams of lights sweeping across the dancers, timed to the music.

Which of these experiences would you rather have?

Works With the Music

This leads us into our next point. Music is an important aspect of many events. Accompanying lighting displays take the effect of the music and amplifies it along with the speaker system.

These two elements work together to create a larger experience than either of them on their own. And if your event is going to feature music, it must also feature a lighting rental.

Access to Professional Equipment

Depending on your type of event, there are probably aspects that you can get away with doing on your own. The lighting display, however, is not one of them.

A professional lighting rental rig puts anything a general member of the public can find to shame. The variety and quality of the lighting displays simply can not be substituted.

Creates Engagement

We’ve all been to events that seem to drag on. This happens when people get bored, lose interest, or start thinking about other places they could be.

Continually engaging your guests keeps this from happening. And great lighting literally catches their eye over and over to make sure their attention stays right where they are.

Breaks up the Night

Another reason people lose interest at an event could be that there is no variety. People like to be presented with new offerings as the night goes on. A singular display — even one that is initially effective — will quickly grow old.

A great lighting display gives you the ability to switch up this presentation throughout the night. New offerings will hold people’s interest.

Makes It Unique

We always want our events to stand out in our guests’ minds. And to do this, we need to provide a unique experience. This is done through an interesting and intentional combination of various aspects of the evening.

And one of those inextricable aspects is the lighting presentation. It is one of the most apparent aspects to have a continued effect on your guests throughout the evening.

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Weddings, company events, graduation parties — no matter what the occasion may be, FADDS Events has what you need to make it a success. So whether that’s lighting, decor, drapery, or DJ services, visit us to find out which of our many services will help give your guests an evening they’ll remember for a long time.

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