There are a wide variety of events that can have a company begin looking into corporate event planning. Employee appreciation events, team-building events, holiday parties, and more often bring out the same considerations — catered food, tablecloths, and uninspired chat between coworkers.

Many of these events come off as stale to the people within a company. And the reason for this goes back to the initial corporate event planning. If you’re bored while you’re planning the event, it will be boring to attend.

It’s not your fault. There are a series of activities and considerations that have become synonymous with these types of events.

However, you have the opportunity to try something new. FADDs Events provides numerous different ways to make your next corporate event a night to remember.

Here’s how you can take corporate event planning to the next level and put together something that will have people talking:

  • DJ Services
  • Photo Booth
  • Karaoke
  • Classic Games
  • Casino Night
  • Recording Booth

DJ Services

The first way you can set your next corporate event apart from the rest is to hire a DJ. Music is an essential aspect of every social gathering — or at least the good ones. And what better way to ensure your music selection keeps going all night than with the help of a professional?

But DJs do more than just push play on the next song. They get the crowd involved and help people to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Corporate events can be stuffy. Enlist the services of a professional DJ to help your guests have a good time.

Photo Booth

Everybody loves to take pictures. And if you’ve seen any pictures from a photo booth, you know that people love to get a little silly when given the opportunity. FADDs Events provides a few different options so you can get exactly what you want.

The Green Screen Photo Booth is a perfect option for corporate events. Not only are you giving people a chance to have fun, but you can incorporate your company logo into the background of the pictures!

All pictures are able to be sent directly to each person’s phone for easy sharing on social media. Your guests are already going to be taking photos, why not make it easier and more fun for them?

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This option will really get people going. Karaoke is well-known for its ability to convince people to come out of their shells and let loose. Who doesn’t want to watch their coworkers get on stage and sing a song?

FADDs Events has everything you need to put on a real show. Give your guests the option of strutting their stuff for everyone to see.

There’s nothing stuffy about a karaoke party. This is a great way to liven up the atmosphere and create an event that will stand out in the minds of your guests.

Classic Games

Conversation only goes so far. Creating a sense of comradery among coworkers is done much quicker and easier by introducing games to the event. And FADDs Events has a variety of games for you to choose from.

Classic arcade games, pool, foosball, and air hockey introduce a level of playfulness to your event that might not otherwise exist. Everyone knows these games. And even if they don’t consider themselves to be all that good at them, they’ll give them a try.

Activities keep your guests engaged. And these classic games give your guests a variety of options to hold their attention.

Casino Night

Take this idea of providing gaming options to your guests up another notch by providing a full casino night. Corporate event planning needs to think outside the box when it comes to creating an evening to remember. And a casino night will definitely be something your guests will remember.

Traditional casino decor sets the mood for the evening — custom branding, green felt tables, and classic signage. And the games provide a variety of ways for your guests to participate:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Texas Hold Em
  • Let It Ride
  • Money Wheel
  • Casino War
  • 3 Card Poker

Recording Booth

Another option for a truly unique event would be to offer your guests a recording booth. Each booth from FADDs Events comes with a professional sound technician to give you the full experience of spending time in the studio.

Your guests will simply pick their favorite track, step into the recording booth, and sing their hearts out. And afterward, they’ll receive their recorded song on a thumb drive to take home with them.

Corporate event planning doesn’t need to be restricted to the activities and considerations you’ve seen in the past. Try something new and have fun as you put together your next event. Your guests will thank you.

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