With an increase in technological advancements, the need for quality, engaging audio-visual equipment has risen as well. With that in mind, when planning your party, event, wedding, or corporate after-party, incorporating audio visual rentals can help to create a night to remember. However, without the right resources, how will you know what to include or where to rent? With so many different aspects to consider, FADDS Events is here to help.

Planning the perfect event can take a lot of dedicated time and effort. With so much on your plate, it can be difficult to think of everything. Employing quality audio-visual equipment rentals for your event in Nashville, TN will make this process much easier and more reliable.

Here are some of the benefits to incorporating quality audio and visual rental equipment into your event:

  • High Quality Equipment
  • Reduce Event Preparation Time
  • Create an Experience to Remember
  • Custom Lighting & Video
  • Professional Audio & Visual Rentals with FADDS Events

High Quality Equipment

When it comes to planning your event, finding the perfect rental equipment will be important to keep your guests engaged. The most obvious advantage to making use of a professional audio-visual rental is that the equipment is going to be of a much higher quality than a piece of DIY equipment.

DIY audio and visual equipment generally involves gathering all your personal gear and trying to make things work. Rather than worry about your equipment failing or not working for your space, opt for high quality audio visual rental equipment!

At FADDS Events, we provide the following Audio/Visual Rentals:

  • 10ft Video Screens (rear or front projection)
  • 55’ LCD Monitors (on stands or trusses)
  • Video/Graphic Design
  • Intelligent DMX Lighting Design and Control
  • Sound Equipment

Reduce Event Preparation Time

More often than not, if you decide to incorporate your own audio-visual gear, you’re bound to get stuck preparing a time hefty event. When it comes to preparing for a Nashville event, time is extremely valuable.

Planning any type of event will need an adequate amount of time to get everything ready for your guests to enjoy. Spending a large amount of time piecing together a DIY audio visual system can eat up your valuable planning and organizing time. Opt for a professional audio-visual rental to keep your event going all night long.

Visit FADDS Events for a professional audio visual rental in Nashville, TN today!

Create an Experience to Remember

When it all comes down to it, the most important goal for your event will be to create an experience for your guests to remember. What’s the point of putting on an event if people don’t enjoy themselves?

One of the biggest benefits to incorporating audio visual rental equipment into your event is the easy customizability of your equipment that makes it work with your specific guests in mind. Professional equipment drastically increases your chances of providing an enjoyable experience for your guests. With an increasingly tech savvy world, audio visual rentals are the perfect opportunity to get everything you need, and to make sure guests stay engaged all night long.

Custom Lighting & Video

One wonderful option for a professional audio-visual rental that simply isn’t available for the vast majority of DIY systems is smart technology lighting. These lighting options can be programmed to highlight specific areas of your event at specific times, or simply add a bit of spice to the dance floor. Operated by professional technicians, FADDS Events custom lighting solutions ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

However, visual equipment doesn’t just relate to lights. There are multiple options for creating a fully immersive experience to impress your guests. With FADDS, you can incorporate video equipment to display pictures, messages, or videos for everyone in attendance to see. Make every aspect of your Nashville event available to everyone on your guest list.

Professional Audio & Visual Rentals with FADDS Events

A professional audio-visual rental comes with options. There are a variety of ways these services can make your night better, and when you rent with FADDS, one of these options are the added MC services! Opt to include a professional announcer in your audio-visual rental package to keep your guests engaged all night long.

FADDS Events in Nashville, TN provides these services and many more. Are you getting ready for an upcoming Nashville event? Let the professionals at FADDS Events take a lot of the hard work off your hands.

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