Did you know that the larger a light source, the softer the light will be? If you’re about to plan an event, from corporate events to extravagant birthday parties, weddings and more, quality lighting rentals can completely elevate your event experience.

When it comes to the ambiance of your event, every detail counts. That includes the lighting! With so many intricate details unknown to the public about lighting specifics, a professional event lighting rental company can help you. FADDS Events has all the lighting equipment rentals and professional technicians you could ever need.

Here’s how a lighting rental can make your next Nashville event even better:

  • Showcase the Right Accents
  • Curate the Perfect Vibe
  • Accentuate Your Music Choices
  • Keep Your Guests Engaged
  • Visit FADDS Events for Lighting Rentals in Nashville, TN

Showcase the Right Accents

A good lighting scheme will draw everyone’s attention to any area you’re looking to highlight in your event space. Whether you’re looking to showcase someone giving a speech, the bride and groom dancing, a guest of honor, or even an intricate display, lighting rentals can offer an easy way to direct the course of the evening. With presentation style lighting, you can present a unified, unique experience for your guests.

All the visual elements of your event are going to need to work together to create a larger presentation. The arrangement of your lighting display can be tailored to enhance the overall appearance of your decor. Depending on the mood and theme of the event, you can customize color, style, and arrangement of your lighting rentals.

Curate the Perfect Vibe

As you will want to highlight specific elements throughout your event, you’ll overall want your space to feel cohesive. The best way to curate the perfect vibe is to work with quality lighting rentals. Just like the lighting in a Broadway show, or even an art gallery, lighting in your event can work to create a particular atmosphere.

With quality lighting solutions, you can highlight your dance floor with fun, flashing colorful lights, or set the entire room to a warm, ambient light to create a comfy vibe. Regardless of the mood you want to create, custom lighting rentals can work for your needs.

Accentuate Your Music Choices

Similarly, music is an important aspect of many events. Accompanying your music, whether a band or DJ services, with premiere lighting displays can amplify the vibe of your event even further. Together, these elements can often create a more engaging experience for guests than they could on their own. Lighting rentals can flash or change color to the beat of the music, or even highlight the stage if need be.

In certain cases, you may be able to handle certain aspects of your event on your own. Premiere lighting displays, however, are much more difficult to incorporate without the proper equipment or background knowledge. A professional lighting rental rig puts anything a general member of the public can find to shame.

Keep Your Guests Engaged

It’s not uncommon for events to drag on for a long time. When people lose interest, become bored, or start thinking of other places they could go, an event can lose its initial sparkle. Continually engaging your guests can keep your guests from getting bored quickly. Great lighting quite literally catches the eye of your guests to make sure their attention stays right where you need it to be.

Another reason people might lose interest in an event is if there is a lack of variety and intriguing elements. As the night progresses, people like to be presented with new ideas. Lighting displays allow you to change up this presentation over the course of the night. This will make your event much more interesting for guests. By utilizing professional lighting rentals, you can do just that.

Event Planning with FADDS Events

Entertainment is important in any event as the atmosphere sets the mood and feel of the entire night. Our team at FADDS events will be on hand during your event to ensure that everything goes well. Let our design team transform your space. Whether it’s a tent, venue, pavilion, barn, or yard — our professional setup crew will be on-site to ensure everything looks perfect for your event.

Event planning doesn’t need to be restricted to the activities and considerations you’ve seen in the past. Try something new and have fun as you put together your next event. Your guests will thank you.

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