Nashville residents might be becoming more aware of casino rentals in the area.

Shameless Plug: For those who aren’t, we are Fadds Entertainment! We are a full-service event rental and services company located in Nashville, Tennesse.

Our typical theme is NashVegas, complete with a custom-built marquee sign. Though we are far from done with our favorite theme, we want to keep options open for repeat clients who want to host a casino more than once without throwing the same party.

Casino by the Creek

Summer is fast approaching and that means people want to be outside. Whether it’s a birthday, a fundraiser, a family reunion, or an employee appreciation party, this theme is sure to please.

It can showcase a sweet southern elegance.

Pro tip: Summer+Creek=bugs. Keep the elegance and avoid the bugs by lighting citronella candles on your tables and providing a few fans to keep a nice breeze moving through the event space.

Decor suggestions: chandeliers, black and white dance floor, string lighting, casino entry sign, ember lighting on the water. (The best part of southern charm is not having to sacrifice elegance when hosting an outdoor party.)

Casino Under the Stars

Another outdoor luxury theme. Imagine a patio or rooftop venue covered by string lighting. A projection of constellations a wall or dancefloor. A Casino Under the Stars can show an even more sophisticated side to a casino night for your guests.

Pro tip: have themed mixed drinks at the bar to match your theme “Cosmos-politans” or “Martian Sunsets” are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Decor suggestions: chandeliers, black and white dance floor, white drape, string lighting, galaxy gobo lighting, photo booth

There are many more theme ideas where that came from! You name it, we will do all we can to accommodate. Give us a call for booking availability or a quote!