GOAL of the GAME

Players vs. Dealer.

The idea is very simple. Players, and the dealer, and trying to get as close to a sum of 21 as possible. Ultimately, players are trying to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going past 21. We will explain further shortly.


  • Know your Cards.
  • King, Queen, Jack – These are your face cards. These three cards have a value of 10.
  • Ace- The ace can be one of two values, 1 or 11. Players who gain the card can decide it’s value to best help them.
  • All other cards remain their own value as labeled 2-9.

How to Play

The dealer starts the game by dealing with 2 cards per person, face down. One of the dealer’s cards will be face up for players to best wager their probability of winning. (this will be important later on)

After reviewing their cards, players have many options on what to do next.

HIT. To hit is to request another card. A player would do this because they have a low-value hand. The trick is to not pass 21. To pass the value of 21, means the player BUSTS and is out for the round.

For example, say a player is delt a 2 and a jack. These two cards add up to the value of 12. This player would most likely hit to get closer to 21 and to beat the dealer.

So, the player HIT and got a new card with a value of 10. This means the value of their hand is now 22. This is a BUST. The player is now out for the remainder of the round.

STAND. To stand is to be content with one’s hand. If a player stands, they are most likely close enough to 21.

DOUBLE DOWN. The option to double down is available right after players gain their first two cards. A player would double down if they are confident that they will win the round. This means all bets are doubled for the round.

This player will receive one more card and then stand. (not to pass three hits)

SPLIT. If a player receives two matching cards (two threes, two sevens, etc.) The player is given the chance to split their hand into two hands. This means one player can have two hands but must play two bets.

There are many other options players have when playing, but these are the basics. For a chance to try your luck risk-free at a Nashville casino party, call 615-444-6835.